Friday, July 3, 2009

Exhilarated by drawing

My drawing class goes by so quickly. How three hours of drawing fly by is unbelievable. Last night we had a really beautiful model. Her facial features were so well defined she was a delight to draw. We are studying drapery and moving on with shading. Below is a drawing of last night's model, plus two other models from earlier in June.


Dither and Dash said...

You are such a fantastic artist! I really had no idea how talented you were! Wow! Coolio!

You inspire me to continue with my half completed certificate at Centennial College in Book and Magazine Publishing or in book binding which I tried much more casually at the Waldorf School years ago. By the way, I am no longer working at Night School since I was too busy to make the deadline to reapply for my job back. Bummer! Oh well. A

Dither and Dash said...

Phhoey! I wrote a whole long comment! I do not see it now. Is that because you vet comments before they go final? A

Genie Sea said...

Oh! These are fabulous! I love the second one a LOT! I can totally get how hours can pass by without noticing while doing art. It's so absorbing! :)