Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stefan Galvanek

Last Thursday, in my art class, my teacher Stefan Galvanek invited me and my friend to his gallery opening the next night. I called my friend and she was able to attend with me. My daughter also wanted to come along. What a great evening it turned out to be.

Downtown at Sam's

Stefan is an excellent teacher who flatters my work...don't know whether he means it or not, but I need to believe he does, otherwise I couldn't go on. I enjoy the exercises we do, the models he's chosen for us to draw, and the dry sense of humour he has. In talking to him, I explained how this was something I had wanted to do all my life, and have finally given myself permission to pursue the study of art. I wish one day to have my own gallery showing and be a self-sufficient artist. (hmmm...it's not even "Wishcasting Wednesday" and I'm throwing wishes out there.)

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