Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally doing formal training in art

As a frustrated artist, there are a number of things I have been frustrated about. Mostly, that I never got a chance to formally study art. Right after my university years, I took a number of art drawing, ceramics, painting, etc. But none that would lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree. Now, one would say, that's not important but, to me, it is. I think it's my way of validating my artistic skills, my creativity, myself. My self-esteem is wrapped up in proving myself. As I embark on a new workplace and new portfolio, I worry about "performing" up to snuff...proving I am good at what I do. I KNOW I am good at what I do, but there is that self-doubt. That voice in my head that still says, maybe you're just not good enough. Art has been a way to heal myself. To touch my inner child. Yet, I have difficulty giving myself permission to create.

Since May I have been doing the first course in a fine arts certificate at a local college. Below are some of the exercises we have done in the first six classes. My instructor has given me positive feedback and seems to like my work. And, more importantly, I like my work!
First Class: Still Life Thumbnail
Second Class: Gesture

Third Class: Negative Space
(this photo is on end...the model was curled up on the floor...I don't know how to flip the picture in Blogger)

Fourth Class: we learned about body proportions

Sixth Class (I missed the fifth): we studied the skeleton

This was a thirty minute pose


Genie Sea said...

This is freakin AWESOME! YAY! :)

Serena said...

NICE work!!! I like the 'gesture' sketch. I'm glad you feel better within yourself for doing this course.